Traumatised children in refugee camps. Women raped as a weapon of war. Men trapped in their homes while shells fall around them. Sex workers struggling to survive on the streets.

Every person should have access to healthcare - no matter what their circumstances. But what should be a fundamental right has become a controversial idea. 

In conflict zones, hospitals and health workers are targeted for treating people on "the other side". On social media, some people criticise us for helping those in need simply because they are migrants.

But in a world where vulnerable patients aren’t getting the treatment they deserve, we’re not afraid to be controversial.

Please help a mother and baby like Sohad and Nabil.

Sohad fled her home in Syria after bombers started targeting the local hospital. The journey out of the war-torn country was frightening and perilous. And there was an added danger too: Sohad was pregnant.

With her husband and two children, Sohad arrived at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan*. But the stress and fear of the journey meant that baby Nabil was born prematurely.

Sohad brought Nabil to the Doctors of the World clinic at the refugee camp where our team of volunteers conducted the health checks that all premature babies require. Thankfully, we could give Sohad the happy news that her little boy was going to be okay.

My son is healthy, that’s the most important thing. I take him to the Doctors of the World health centre and the doctors there are very kind to him.’

Doctors of the World provides medical care for vulnerable and stigmatised people in the UK and abroad, including refugees, people caught up in conflicts, sex workers, drug users, and survivors of sexual violence. Many of our doctors and nurses are volunteers who give their time to help those most in need.

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£20 could fund two hygiene kits, which include basic toiletries such as toothpaste and soap, for someone forced to leave their home.
£50 could provide psychological consultations for ten survivors of war and conflict.
£100 could cover the interpreting costs of the extended GP appointment that many of our patients need.
£400 could allow us to continue the secondary trauma sessions we provide for our volunteers for three more months.

Please support the work of Doctors of the World with a donation today.

*Doctors of the World works wherever our medics are needed. We no longer run the clinic at Zaatari refugee camp, but we still work in other camps across the Middle East and Europe supporting Syrian refugees.